Variable Transformer, 12A - MVT3.3k/12A-1

Variable Transformer, 12A - MVT3.3k/12A-1


This variable voltage autotransformer provide a trouble free and an efficient means of varying/controlling AC voltages. Variation of the output voltage is achieved by means of a brush arm with a carbon tip which rotates around a silver plated commutator.
This new range uses round carbon brushes, riding any imperfections, giving a smoother operation. They are superior to standard rectangular brushes which are fragile, suffer from breakages and cause a rough action over time.
This is supplied open-style for mounting in your own enclosure or equipment panel. Ensure users are suitably protected from this transformer during operation.
  • Round carbon brush, low current density
  • Excellent regulation, high efficiency, no waveform distortion.
  • Low operating torque, smooth and linear output.
  • Centre tap in winding for buck-boost applications.



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