27 July 2017

Vacancy; Transformer Design Engineer

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Carroll & Meynell have a vacancy for a Transformer Design Engineer to join our experienced team Designing and Developing our products.

As a company we have a wide portfolio of products ranging from high volume standard transformers to specialist bespoke units manufactured as one off items, small quantities or larger quantities for specific contracts over a number of years.

It will be into this bespoke environment that the successful candidate will be inducted.

Duties will include
  • Liaison with customers to establish specification requirements
  • Design, costing and quotation of products
  • Generation of manufacturing specifications for the production department
  • Generation of component and product drawings for customers, suppliers and the production department
  • Provide technical support for the Production, Test & Inspection and Quality Departments

In the current industry climate there are a number of new challenges facing transformer manufacturers in terms of the environmental impact of our products. This is leading to the development of new materials for use in the design and construction of transformers and associated equipment.

Ideally the candidate will have some knowledge or experience with these new materials and techniques and will also be expected to develop further skills over time to meet these new challenges as the market evolves.

Skill Sets

1. Experience in transformer design & manufacture
a. Past experience of designs rated 100kVA minimum
b. Past experience of designs for voltages of 3.6kV minimum

2. Working knowledge and experience of AC & DC power systems
a. Electrical Protection devices
b. Rectifiers
c. Chokes & Inductors

3. Experience with electrical test and measurement
a. Voltage, current and power measurement
b. High voltage testing

4. 2D CAD Drawing Skills

5. General computer proficiency with software in the modern office

6. Good communication skills
a. Personal interaction with other departmental staff
b. Telephone and written interaction with customers and suppliers

The following will be an advantage but are not essential. There will be scope for training and personal development into these areas

7. Experience with High Frequency Transformers & Chokes
a. Switch Mode Design
b. Familiarity with modern HF electrical grade magnetic materials
c. Familiarity with amorphous and nano-crystalline core materials
d. 3D CAD drawing skills

Please contact our Human Resources department.

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