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Describing the differences between the two common systems

Relationships of voltage, current and rating for 3-phase transformers

There are several methods of transforming to single phase from 3-phase supply

Add or subtract from a nominal supply voltage, e.g. for testing applications

The differences and benefits of separate windings versus a common winding

Common methods for converting transformer A.C. output to D.C. for equipment

Classes based on the allowable temperature rise of the insulation materials

Understanding and accounting for the momentary current spike at switch-on

Transformers that can tolerate noise/harmonics in the A.C. waveform

Also known as Korndoffer Transformers, to limit start-up current demand from the supply

Rating a transformer correctly may require understanding Intermittent Ratings and Duty Cycles

Standard tests we perform on bespoke products

In-depth analasys of a transformer in a circuit

Winding connection arrangements for 3-phase transformers

Ingress protection from solids & liquids explained

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