Current Transformer - Standard Ring Type

Current Transformer - Standard Ring Type



CTs are supplied for use in air, oil, silicon fluid, midel, hot and cold compound etc, and are finished in non-tracking PVC, varnished Egyptian cotton, woven glass polyester, reinforced nylon etc as required for the application.

CTs for use in mediums other than air are sealed with two part epoxy resin, or varnish impregnated under vacuum.

The CTs are suitable for mounting over bare copper busbars up to 600 volts, and over fully insulated bushings or cables at all voltages up to 400kV.

There are too many varieties of current ratings, application duty and dimensions etc. to publish here. Therefore contact us with your requirements and we'll offer a bespoke design solution.

With mounting foot

With busbar clamps

All materials used for construction are sourced from British manufacturers.
Core material is high quality GOSS (grain orientated silicon steel), and various specifications are used in the manufacturing process, dependent on the CT specification.

All CTs are precision wound on to fully insulated cores, with the windings applied without overlapping (stacking) turns; all winding layers are individually insulated from each other with polyester film to provide the best protection in the event of high interturn voltages (for example during inadvertent open circuit on load).

The windings are applied using Grade 2 polyester enamel coated wire, with the latest modern equipment ensuring uniform tension and even wire spacing around the core.

Each current transformer is fully tested to the relevant standard and is supplied with complete test certification showing all errors/performance. We do not abbreviate to batch testing.

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