Current Transformer - Interposing / Summation

Current Transformer - Interposing / Summation



An assembly of interposing / summation CTs are offered for all metering and protection applications, including Class PX for differential and unit schemes.

Units are supplied for single and multiphase applications, with open type terminals for vector connection as required. Assemblies designed for fixing in control panels, i.e. indoor use.

Interposing types can be used to modify the secondary current from an existing line CT. This is useful for modifying secondary currents without replacing the line CTs.

Summation types can be used to add the currents from two or more line CTs to supply indication to a single meter.

There are too many varieties of current ratings, application duty and dimensions etc. to publish here. Therefore contact us with your requirements and we'll offer a bespoke design solution.


  • Insulation Class: A

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