Current Transformer - Encapsulated Bar-primary / Wound-primary

Current Transformer - Encapsulated Bar-primary / Wound-primary


Multiple current transformers can be encapsulated within a single mould using polyurethane resin, providing weatherproofing for permanent outdoor installation and robust protection. All secondary terminations are housed within an IP65 terminal box to allow for suitable glanding of your cables.

M20 threaded bar provided for primary connections. This could be a straight through bar or linked to multiple winding turns for wound primary type.

These are ideal for neutral applications where there is only limited voltage potential between primary and secondaries, the insulation level is a nominal 0.72/3.0kV

There are too many varieties of current ratings, application duty and dimensions etc. to publish here. Therefore contact us with your requirements and we'll offer a bespoke design solution.


  • Fixing Hole Accepts: 4x M8 clear
  • Fixing Footprint (WxD mm): 90 x 90
  • Insulation Class: A

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