Inductors & Chokes

Inductors & Chokes


Carroll & Meynell design and manufacture to order

Single Phase AC Inductors
Three Phase AC Inductors
DC Chokes for operation with single phase systems.
DC Chokes for operation with three phase systems.

We build all inductive components to customers specific requirements and can also offer design assistance and recommendations for the application.

Typical applications include Line filters and Power factor correction in the mains supply for AC inductors and. DC chokes for ripple filtering components in battery chargers and DC supplies.

The scope of supply for single phase AC and DC components includes small units built on ‘EI’ laminations with a gap between the ‘E’ block and ‘I’ block of the core.


The size or rating of an inductive component is generally determined by its inductance and the current it is designed to carry according to

Rating = LI²

However other factors in the design can vary this generalization most notably a requirement to control size of the gap. For this reason size and weight data can only be supplied in response to specific enquiries

Carroll & Meynell can build single phase items up to approximately LI² = 1000 and three phase inductors up to LI² = 2000

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