16 June 2017

Carroll & Meynell's Innovate UK Grant Success

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Carroll & Meynell's Innovate UK Grant Success

Carroll & Meynell Transformers Ltd has secured a £100k grant from Innovate UK to build a prototype of a new multi-vehicle electric vehicle charger which can charge up to 10 vehicles at a time. Following on from our successful Horizon 2020 grant to prove the concept, this successful bid now means we can take our concept from the drawing board and test a real-life version of the charger.

Mike Meynell, Managing Director, said "The electric vehicles’ market is growing all the time and is not going to go away. The multi-charger has the potential to be a real game-changer for our company. It will allow us to move into that market and put the company on a global footing.

"Without the Innovate UK grant we wouldn’t have been able to develop the multi-charger. Teesside University has been integral to the process, and we are very grateful to the help provided by Omar Al-Janabi, Business Innovation Manager at the University, who brought the funding to our attention and helped with the bid-writing."

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